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Our Goal is Fair, Affordable Services for Any Project

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Marketing & Strategic Consulting


Digital Marketing Consulting


Graphic Design


Website Development


SEO Services


Media Management Services

20% of Media Spend

Content Development


These prices represent our standard rates. We frequently discount these rates for packages and projects. We believe our rates are competitive and fair. However, our rates are negotiable. We don't want to lose your business soley on the basis of price.

Website Design

Website Design Packages

Perfect for a small business, interest group, church or personal website.

  • 1-5 web pages

  • Comprehensive SEO

  • Content Development

Monthly Fees


  • Hosting

  • Maintenance & Support

  • Monthly Reporting 




Designed with a growing business in mind. The right choice for a restaurant, medical office, salon, or home services provider.


  • 5-15 web pages

  • Comprehensive SEO

  • Content Development

Monthly Fees


  • Premium Hosting

  • 24x7 Support with Monitoring & Alerts

  • Guaranteed 24 Hour Response Time

  • Website Tracking & Analtyics


All the features of our popular Business+ site combined with a robust marketing engine. CRM, email marketing, DRIP campaigns & more.


  • Unlimited Content

  • Comprehensive SEO

  • Content Development

  • Marketing Automation

  • Email Marketing

  • Online Booking*

  • Storefront*

Monthly Fees


  • Premium Hosting

  • 24x7 Support with Monitoring & Support

  • Marketing Engine Subscription

  • Customized Real-Time Analytics Dashboard

Other Website Services

Other Website Services

Website Tune-Up

Already have a website but something's not quite right? Is information out-of-date? Is the site running slow? Do buttons or menu items not work anymore?



We support all kinds of platforms, including WordPress, GoDaddySite Builder, Wix, SquareSpace, Weebly & More.

You get up to 3 hours of whatever services are needed. If we can't solve it, you pay nothing!

We love a challenge!

Website Audit

Do you have a website, but aren't sure if it's working as well as it should? Is it fast or slow? How many people are visiting it every moth? Where do I rank on Google? Do I need a new site?



We'll review any reporting or metrics you have. If you don't have any, we'll install Google Analytics and provide you with all the information you need about your site. We'll even present the results to your current agency or vendor with you, to make sure you get what you paid for.

SEO Pricing

Search Engine Optimization - Pricing

Continuous SEO

SEO is anything but a done once and done forever. Not only are the rules and algorithms changing constantly, your site should be too. We should always be monitoring rankings and fighting to climb another rank higher.



With Continuous SEO, we invest every month in the improvements that will generate the most valuable improvement in SEO. From the basics of strategically crafted meta-descriptions to link buildings activities, schema and structured data all the way to new content creation. 

Monthly ranking data and website traffic reporting proves our forward progress and validates you investment in this services.

SEO is a long term hedge against the ever increasing costs of PPC. Every keyword we can rank for organically is one less keyword you'll have to pay for on Google Ads.

Super Site Sweep

More than 50% of all websites we encounter never had any SEO applied ever. If you've given years of SEO neglect to your site, we heartily recommend the Super Site Sweep.



With the Super Site Sweep, we do everything from scratch the way it should have been done at build. We start with comprehensive keyword research to definitively identify the keyword set with the highest value to your business. 

From there, we write meticulous meta-descriptions and perform on-page optimizations. We deploy a robots.txt file and XML sitemap. We connect your site to Google & Bing's Webmaster tools to provide constant monitoring of indexing issues.

We develop and implement a backlink strategy.

We even develop new content as needed to compete more effectively for the right keyword set.

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