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Digital Advertising

We Create Digital Ads
That Generate Leads & Revenue

Google Search PPC

Google Search (aka PPC)

With Google Search, we can place ads or "Sponsored Results" when consumers enter a specific keyword. We bid our clients to the top of the page, putting them directly in front of people who are actively searching for them.

We Simplify Complexity

Google Ads are placed in a blind auction system. We submit a bid of what we would pay to appear for a particular keyword search. Other advertisers submit their bids. We compete not just on Price Per Click, but based on a Google Quality Score. Quality Score is based on three dimensions, Ad Relevance, Expected Clickthrough Rate and Landing Page experience.

We're experts in this game so you don't have to be.

We Make Better Ads

There are many under-used features in Google Ads, such as Ad Extensions. Google let's you add information and prominence to your ads with call extensions, location extensions, sitelinks, callouts, images, even prices! The ads we build for our clients get more clicks because they're bigger and more informative.

Continuous Optimization and A/B Testing

When we manage your Google Search campaigns, we're reviewing data several times a week. We're analyzing data points like click-through rate, impression share, cost per conversion, etc. to find ever higher levels of efficiency. We're even using Artificial Intelligence to control real-time bidding on keywords.

Googe Diplay

Google Display

The Google Display Network is made up of thousands or even millions of websites that show Google Ads on their pages. This network includes the vast majority of popular websites, like, The Weather Channel, The Washington Post, or The Wall Street Journal. The Google Display Network also reaches thousands of niche sites, apps and games.

Incredible Ad Targeting Capabilities

Across the GDN, you can target users by age, income level, gender or geographic location. However you can also target consumers who are "In Market" for purchases like Real Estate, Auto or Wedding Venue, based on the sites they have visited recently and the searches they've performed. 

You can target people who have visited a competitors website. You can even target people based on what they've read in their Gmail inbox.

Responsive Display Ads

It used to be the case that many advertisers lacked the resources to create ad banners. Now that capability is more wide spread. But it would still tax most advertisers to have to create variations of ads across multiple formats and dozens of ad sizes. With Responsive Display Ads, we upload multiple images and multiple copy points. Google automatically resizes these assets and combines dozens of variations. Then, all variants are rotated until the best performing combinations are identified.

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Facebook & Instagram

Facebook & Instagram

Imagine everything Facebook and Instagram know about you. They know your age, gender and probably your occupation. They know your likes and dislikes. They know who your friends and family members are. They know what books you've read, what movies you've seen. They know where you went to school. They know what you're talking about on Messenger. They know your political affiliation and religious beliefs. They know where you are and where you've been.

The majority of this information is available as targeting criteria. We get creative with our clients to serve the most relevant, most efficient ads, right where most consumers spend at least an hour a day, online in social media.

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