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at the 2023 Global Networking Event

Las Vegas, Nevada April 24-26


My name is Steve Gaitten. I'm a Digital Marketing Expert with 15+ years experience specializing in real estate. My top skills are website design, SEO, SEM, digital advertising and social media management.

In 2020, I joined Hunt Country Sotheby's International Realty in Loudoun County, Virginia (a suburb of Washington DC) as an "embedded" digital expert. At Hunt Country SIR, I support the brokerage and provide leadership in digital strategy. I also support almost 30 individual agents, with everything from website design to social media strategy. 

In less than 2 years, we've made digital marketing a "core competency" in the office. Every new agent starts with a comprehensive Digital Audit that identifies any weaknesses in their digital footprint. From there, we develop a custom learning plan to address any issues and build new skills. Agents enjoy ongoing personal coaching, 24x7 technical support, monthly "brown bag" learning sessions and more.

I have the bandwidth to take on just a few new clients this year. I'm interested in working with brokerages, teams or individual agents.

I work exclusively with Sotheby's International Realty within the real estate vertical. I also will not work with clients in overlapping markets.




Thank you for connecting with me! I look forward to speaking with you and hopefully meeting in person while we are in Las Vegas at the Global Networking Event.

I will follow up with you via email as soon as possible.


Feel free to contact me directly. 
Call or text me at 571-209-7842.
Or send email to



As a Realtor, your website is the foundation of all your marketing activities. Your website is your business card, your portfolio and a collection point for every referral you've ever received.

Typically, I recommend a hosting provider that specializes in IDX sites, there are quite a few, I have my favorites. From there, I work with the broker, team or individual agent to personalize the site AND most importantly, "wire it up" to perform the necessary backend marketing functions -- including:

  • Tracking & Analysis - I exclusively rely on Google Analytics (GA4) to provide tracking and record conversions.

  • We will also deploy the Meta Pixel to provide additional intelligence and functionality for advertising on the Facebook / Instagram network.

  • Marketing Automation - After lead capture, we must continue to market to prospective customers via remarketing and DRIP email campaigns.

I highly recommend WordPress as the platform for any real estate site. WordPress is easy enough for non-technical users to master simple tasks like blogging. WordPress can also be easily extended with terrific plugins like Yoast for SEO.

Website Design

Search Engine Optimization is an extremely broad term that encompasses many different types of activities. I practice, preach and teach them all. In general, we break SEO down into 4 categories:

On Page

This is probably what you think of first. Making sure every web page on your site has a specific keyword phrase that you're optimizing for. Making sure that every web page has a strategically crafted meta-description, using H1..H6 tags to demonstrate focus. Strategically assigning SEO-friendly names and Alt-text to images, etc. etc. I religiously follow Best Practices in this category and make sure every page is perfect.

Technical SEO

Every site is connected to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster tools. We create XML sitemaps, robots.txt files and use structured data. Site speed and mobile-friendliness are also huge factors in this category.

Link Building

Arguably the biggest factor in determining success in SEO. The number and quality of the sites that link back to your website are how Google determines Page One rankings at the end of the day.

Content Generation

The more content you have, the more opportunities there are to rank for meaningful keyword phrases. You must always be creating new content. I've helped Realtors build dozens of ongoing content franchises that make content generation less of a chore. Right now, ChatGPT and other generative AI platforms are raising the bar in terms of the amount of content you need to generate to win.

search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization

digital advertising

The thing that Top Producers know that aspiring agents haven't yet figured out, is that "Advertising Works". It is definitely the case that some advertising is better than others. In my book, "Digital Advertising" is the best -- because we can measure it, manage it and optimize for efficiency. I believe that Digital blows the doors off print, outdoor and even radio. But the truth is, you can be successful with virtually any type of advertising if you do it consistently at a significant level.

At the moment, my top recommendation in digital advertising is Google Ads, specifically Search campaigns or "PPC" (i.e. Pay-Per-Click). Search offers the unbeatable value proposition that "You don't pay unless someone takes action on your ad." That being said, Google Search campaigns are incredibly complex and should not be run by anyone who isn't Google Certified.

I also strongly recommend coupling remarketing with Google Search. Once we've gotten a visitor to your website, we can continue to target them for up to 4 months with inexpensive banner advertising, anywhere they go on the web. The customer journey in real estate can last months or even years. We want to stay front of mind with your prospects and remarketing is a great way to do just that.

Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok offer less expensive advertising solutions that are definitely worthwhile. I recommend that agents start by posting and Boosting every "Coming Soon", "Just Listed" and "Just Sold". But there are lots of opportunities to get very creative in these channels.

Digital Advertising

Imagine if EVERY agent in your office was proficient in basic digital marketing. Imagine if EVERY agent in your office had a strong web presence and a digital advertising strategy. Imagine if there was one trusted expert you could reach out to 24x7 to solve any digital marketing problem.

I meet with every agent, from newbies to the "seasoned professionals". I show them where they are, where they want to get to and how to get there. We develop a customized learning and action plan and consistently manage to that plan.

One of the most valuable services I perform on behalf of agents is "Saying No". As an agent, there are dozens of "shiny new things" coming at you at the time. It's easy to get distracted and waste a lot of time. I conduct a technical evaluation of new opportunities and slam the door shut on scammers and nonsense. When a new opportunity has potential, we test and step into the solution before making a major committment.

consulting & agent enablement


Request Your

Let's have a fact based conversation about your digital presence. If you'll provide just a few details (e.g. brokerage, team or agent name, URL of your website and market), I can conduct a comprehensive analysis of your digital presence. I'll tell you if you're strong or weak, which competitors you need to worry about and I'll provide a high level plan for how to improve quickly.

If you can go a step further and provide me with Read Only access to your Google Analytics and/or Google Ads account, I can really dive deep. With account access I can tell you how much traffic you're getting today, where it's coming from, what's missing and how to close the gap. By analyzing your Google Ads account, I can tell you how efficient your advertising is, if you're paying too much for management, and exactly how to optimize your account for improvement.

When you fill out the form above, just check yes to receive your free digital audit. This could be the most valuable information you bring back from Las Vegas this year.

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